Simply Listen is a month-long call to prayer and fasting for our congregation, beginning June 1. These 30 days are an opportunity to turn down the noise in our lives, and focus upon the voice of Jesus. Our desire as a congregation is to simply listen for how God is calling us to grow together. Just as Jesus’ invitation is to all, we invite everyone who desires to grow deeper in their spiritual life and relationship with Christ to join in this special time.

If you dwell in Me and My voice dwells in you, anything you ask will come to pass for you. Your abundant growth and your faithfulness as My followers will bring glory to the Father.


The spiritual practice of fasting is found throughout scripture, often as a companion to prayer. Through fasting we participate with our whole self in seeking the power and strength of God to sustain us. Fasting involves some form of self-denial, abstaining from food or various activities. There are many ways to fast, but what matters most is the desire of your heart. Remember – God desires obedience more than sacrifice.

Fasting and Prayer Resources

We have prepared a guide to help you in preparing for your fast, and a commitment sheet that you can sign and place on the altar for the month of June. This guide features information about various types of fast, and best practices for helping you through this journey. This guide is available to download in PDF below.

We have also prepared a 30 Day Prayer and Fasting Journal that offers scripture and reflections for each day to guide you through the month of June. This Prayer and Fasting Journal is available to download in PDF below.

RightNow Media Resources

These video series on RightNow Media feature helpful content. You can sign up for an account by contacting our church office.

Join In and Simply Listen

Text LISTEN to 423-200-4021 or Sign Up Here to receive daily messages of encouragement throughout this time of fasting and prayer and become part of a community Simply Listening.